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 Been on a critical mission and looking for someone to chat with? Feel free to reach out! We are a group of nonprofessionals who can never take the place of a trained counselor but we will do all we can to help.


I knew that I wanted to join SAR after sneaking into my neighbor’s rescue rig as a kid. Now as a parent, I let my son Nathan sneak into the Comm Van. While I’ve gone on fewer missions since becoming a mom, I enjoy getting out to help with RAD and evidence searches. In the decade since joining ESAR, I’ve been involved in nearly 150 missions, served as an EMT-B, and helped with a number of committees. The volunteering I have always been proudest of is assisting with recoveries. I have grown from the trauma that I’ve experienced in search and rescue, and, along the way, I’ve become a believer in counseling and medication management. Search and rescue changes us in ways we may not realize at the time, and I want to be there to support members in the challenging and beautiful ways we can grow from our SAR experiences.

Contact her at: ktcnclmb@yahoo.com


Nick Constantine joined Search & Rescue in 2008 after 10 of his close friends were killed in a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains.  He felt the helplessness of not being able to assist in the search for their downed aircraft and he vowed to never be a bystander to bringing loved ones home to their friends and family.  Nick is currently a member of both the Explorer Search & Rescue team as well as Seattle Mountain Rescue.  He has held leadership positions that include Field/Operations Leader, Technical Rescue Leader, Board of Trustees member, Chairman of the Board as well as being a member of the CARE Team.  Nick knows what it feels like to lose friends and family in mountain accidents and has worked for over 10 years to bring as many people home as he can.  As a member of the CARE Team, Nick manages the education elements in hopes of proactively building resilient rescuers who have the skills and tools to best manage psychological stress trauma so that they can be stronger members of our backcountry rescue community.
Contact him at nick.constantine@seattlemountainrescue.org


I’ve been with ESAR for 16 years and have participated in more than 250 missions. I am currently an OL and an EMT-B CBT instructor. I have been with the CARE Team since its creation. I have helped members across the SAR community, and I have provided assistance to family members and reporting parties. Outside of ESAR, I am a member of Microsoft’s Pandemic Team and led Microsoft’s response to Ebola and MERS. As an EMT with the Seattle King County Disaster Medical Assistance Team, I deployed to Haiti as part of a 12-person mobile clinic following the 7.0 earthquake there in 2010. Feel free to reach out to me, or other members of the CARE team, if you find yourself troubled by a mission and need a friendly ear.


Alexis Leader joined Explorer Search and Rescue in 2015. Her dad had heard of ESAR and asked if she was willing to join. She didn’t know a thing about ESAR and she had no idea how important it would become to her! Now, Alexis regularly participates in missions and trainings, including helping out with snow training and being a training admin. She stays involved in ESAR because she has realized what a large impact SAR can make, having experienced both sides of a rescue both as a subject and a responder. After experiencing her own stress injury she has become passionately involved in the CARE Team in the hopes of helping others heal from, and process stressful missions. When she’s not on missions, Alexis enjoys swimming, climbing, running, and yoga—all of which are powerful tools to calm her mind.


  Matt joined Explorer Search and Rescue as a high school student as a way to satisfy both a servant heart’s need to help and teenager's desire to go where normal people don't, doing things others didn't, and to sometimes skip a math test.
  Subsequent years of working with SAR as an Operations Leader and rigging instructor have become one of the biggest influencers of who Matt is today. Participating on missions from the heart rending to the miraculous, he has learned about the duality of being human - that each of us have been created as a critical part in our collective story yet can be gone in a heartbeat.
  As a member of the CARE team, Matt strives to make sure that his teammates and friends not only have the training and resources they need to handle what may come their way on missions, but also a place to have a casual and/or serious conversation about how we get back to normal afterwards.
  Matt met his wife, Amber, in ESAR and they have three amazing daughters. The five of them are currently working on visiting all of our national parks in their RV.


Peter Tran joined Explorer Search and Rescue in 2013 and Seattle Mountain Rescue in 2017. While a regular face on missions and training, including rigging, navigation, and snow training, Peter also enjoys running distances no sane person would ever want to do, slogging up mountains on skis, and subsequently eating concoctions no human should be able to stomach. Peter has seen what stress incidents have done to friends, team mates, and himself, and as part of the CARE Team hopes to provide support, both proactively and reactively, to those experiencing stress trauma.


I joined Search and Rescue in 2013 as a member of the K9 unit.  As a military brat, I spent a large part of my childhood in the outdoors.  SAR was a way to combine my love of the outdoors along with my desire to help others in a volunteer role. The desire to help others has extended into my professional life as a bedside nurse in the ICU and in research.  In this particular arena, I have been exposed to many experiences, tips and courses that come with the repetitive, daily stress of life and death situations for both my patient and their family.  I have experienced how the stress can unknowingly creep into your personal life quite easily as well as how to respond to those stressors.   My first encounter with the CARE Team concept was in response to my work during the Oso Landslide and understanding the manifestations of the stressors experienced during my time there.  In combination with what I have learned through my experience as a nurse, family (and friend) history with the military and SAR, I am eager to help those who help others. When I am not busy at work or with search and rescue, I enjoy spending my quiet and recharging time outdoors at my cabin, climbing and skiing. 

Contact her at: kristen.elliott@kcsearchdogs.org


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